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A Happy Heart

In order to detox and heal our bodies we must also be prepared to burn the accumulation of negative subconscious memories which pervade our everyday lives. What is hidden deep within shapes every moment of our lives and every living cell. However, these deep memories are simply melted away once we begin the process of stoking our inner fire of love. 

Love is the Healer of All. - Is the tenth Module.

The cry of every Human Heart is to bath in the fire of Love. This fire of Love burns within everyone, when we invite this great fire to awaken, we allow it to penetrate every aspect of our being. It is then that we may experience this energy of Love coursing through our bodies laying at ease all, that which has been in turmoil, all that which has not been at ease. This energy enters the very heart of all disease, turmoil and unrest, purifying and healing with the vibrations of Love. In order to expand and function from within the center of this great fire, we require focus and determination so strong that nothing can move us. When we are able to achieve this level of focus, nothing will prevent us from attaining our goal of Inner and Outer Peace.

Love is the only answer to all unhappiness, ill health, poverty, depression, hopelessness, guilt unworthiness, argumentation, suicide, violence and wars. Love and only Love will establish us in a life of Contentment, Stability, Freedom and Good Health, with the gift of becoming the pure expression of its own nature.

In the center of every human Heart our True Nature exists our True Selves exist. From this Heart and our other six centers, seventy two thousand subtle energy channels extend to every particle of our physical and subtle being. When these subtle channels become blocked with toxis from that which we have accumulated in our lives, Love becomes restricted in its flow. In fact Love may find it very difficult to flow. When these subtle channels become clear and flowing with Love, it is then that the creative force of life can express itself freely as Love. It is then that this Love truly becomes the Healer of every aspect of our lives.

Blockages of our energy channels prevent our natural healing ability from becoming a reality. These blockages are caused not only by past occurrences but also by what we hold onto and embrace at this very moment. For example Unworthiness, the conditioning of which has been deeply ingrained into many cultures through ritual, religion or political systems.

Love is, infinite patience, it is always within us just waiting to be released. This energy of Love when realised, will heal all. For once this dormant energy of Love has been awakened within us, then all blockages may eventually be dissolved. This process becomes a reality as a result of our developing our own inner practices with one-pointed focus and determination.  

It is so important that everyone is able to experience this energy of Love, to detect the presence of its warmth ridding on the breath. To become a vehicle whereby Love flows in to nourish and out to sustain. This awareness is so vital for our development and evolvement in this life.  

From: MyLifeMatter.US - Love is the healer of all.

A Happy Heart Enables the Body to Heal

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